After two years of not getting together for a summer BBQ, it was great fun to start that tradition back up last night at the Botanical Gardens. Though we all missed the opportunity to visit a member’s bonsai garden, we were really glad to be indoors and enjoying air conditioning.

We revived another tradition last night: a Swap-and-Shop get together around tables crowded with trees, pots, tools, and all sorts of paraphernalia. One member even walked into the room with bonsai books to give to newer members. Check out the photos down below to see just a few things that were brought to the meeting by our members. The variety of items that were handled, discussed, haggled over, and just generally enjoyed kept everyone so busy we were almost late getting to the dining tables.

Never fear, though. We did eat some BBQ, and it was delicious. If you ever need some catering done, we all support a call to 2 Men and a Pig. We had pork, chicken, sausages, beans, potato casserole, cole slaw — and best of all, banana pudding. (TBH, some of the best I’ve ever eaten.)

So our summer get together after two years of lockdown shutdown was a success. Getting to just meet and enjoy talking about our bonsai work was even better.